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Your name is James and your trying to do the tik tok thing to find out what it mean .. just go search James
James: im gonna search ame on urban dictionary so I know what it means
by Secret adder June 04, 2020
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A branch of Methodists formed by Richard Allen a few years after the Revolutionary War. White methodists no longer wanted to share a church with black Methodists, so we made our own church. A.M.E. stands for African Methodist Episcopalion (or however that's spelled)
My daddy is an A.M.E. pastor at Mother Bethel the first A.M.E. church in the world. It is big and pretty.
by candymountaincharlie June 22, 2010
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An absolute lad. Ames is the height of intellect but cannot tie shoelaces. Ames is amazing at everything and is the best friend you could ask for, always there for you. Also a little bitch- in the best of ways. An Ames is not afraid to cheat in UNO and will deny it if caught.
They are very sweet at heart however Ames is a top and will fuck you hard. If you’re looking for a good time, just find Ames. Despite being a furry, they will not fuck you in a fursuit, no matter how much you beg.
Whilst being a genius, an Ames is capable of commuting sins no one else could, for example, breaking Toasters and diluting fruit juice. Ames will defend themselves but in reality they are wrong.
Ames has the build of a Greek god, oiled muscular body, 8ft and not compensating for anything.
If you have the opportunity, get an Ames in your life, they’re a great cover for having zero braincells (not that they have more..) and will help you with your maths homework.
Person a: Omg look over there!

Person b: Woah they look pretty hot... and gay

Person a: Are they cheating at uno?
Person b: ah. An Ames
by Ch0z September 01, 2019
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Ames is someone that doesnt give a shit. Usually is a very attractive man, typically blonde. He attracts a lot of women but does not care for them. Ames is a smart person that hates school and learning. An Ames is an absolute savage doing whatever the fuck he wants. The only thing an Ames really cares for is friends and family.
Person 1 “That guy over there doesnt give a fuck
Person 2 “What an Ames
by Ishitinyourgreatunclesmouth November 10, 2019
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