Your name is James and your trying to do the tik tok thing to find out what it mean .. just go search James
James: im gonna search ame on urban dictionary so I know what it means
by Secret adder June 5, 2020
Candy in Japanese .::. 飴
I want some ame.. Mhmmm =D
by Thumbbeeyaya January 2, 2010
ame is an absolute unit that is also hot af

ame gets all the girls.
He is really nice and funny.
by Mysteryman789 June 6, 2020
Is 5"11' and a half but claims to be 6 foot, doesn't really ever say a word, is Avery mellow guy who's personality isn't built on a thing. An all-around boring guy. He also cannot seem to have an ambition for his future for longer than 2 weeks and changes his mind constantly and therefore has no idea where his life will end up. Oh yes I wrote this my self
Wow, he's an ame
by Ameavies April 16, 2020
A guy that doesn't have a big d*ck but love gaming and good at it. He is lonely(not at all).
Hi, Nick, you are an ame:)
by Emma 2942 June 24, 2020
The name of a beautiful young woman. Strong powerful and intelligent
Your name should be Amely .

You look like an Amely.
Your such an Amely
by Smart and intelligent woman December 11, 2017
Ameli's are kind and cute. They will always help you out with anything. They're great problem solvers and would make excellent girlfriends. Ameli's usually like instruments like the violin and are usually great at playing it. Ameli's are usually dancers and can out perform anyone. Ameli's have sassy attitude and will kick your butt if you make them mad.
That new girl is really nice and help, I bet she's an Ameli
by Los_trumpets November 24, 2018