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"You're saying it's a falsehood and Sean Spicer, our press secretary, gave alternative facts to that,"
by Trumpdump January 22, 2017
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A bald face lie usually told by someone who is either delusional or a psychopathic liar.
Trump's Press Secretary often cites alternative facts during press conferences.
by theauthormarkwilkins January 26, 2017
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When someone, specifically the leaders of the United States, tell a flat out lie to convince their supporters of how great they are, but don't want to admit that they are actually total fuck ups and have no idea what they are doing.

A way of phasing a lie that everyone knows to be untrue.
(In regards to the size of Trump's innaguration) Kelly Anne Conway. "Sean Spicer, our press secretary gave... alternative facts to that."

Normal People. "I hate how all Trump does is lie and speak false hoods."
Trump supporters. "He isn't lying, he is just using alternative facts."
by Brian2002 January 22, 2017
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1. When you know what you're saying is bullshit but you're going to present it as your version of reality anyways even if it is contrary to first hand accounts, photographic evidence, reputable reporting sources, and verifiable numbers given by things such as ticket sales or public transportation data

2. An attempt to gaslight the population in an effort to control the media and create propoganda by substituting something beneficial to the regime instead of reporting verifiable truths that paint a negative light on a subject.
"In an interview on NBC's 'Meet the Press,' host Chuck Todd pressed Trump senior adviser Kellyanne Conway about why the White House on Saturday had sent Spicer to the briefing podium for the first time to claim that 'this was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period.'
'You're saying it's a falsehood. And they're giving -- Sean Spicer, our press secretary -- gave alternative facts,' she said.
Todd responded: 'Alternative facts aren't facts, they are falsehoods.' "
by mozzy-o January 22, 2017
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Double speak to avoid the synonym "lying" in professional conversation. The antonym of actual facts.
Donald Trump enjoys citing alternative facts in his press conferences.
by SunPatch January 22, 2017
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The opposite of facts. Historically, alternative facts were reffered to as lies.
Alternative facts, a spin on classical facts, are all the rage in America right now. These so called "facts" will be used repeatedly by republicans, Kellyanne Conway, and trumpsters throughout the presidency of Trump, however long that turns out to be.
by UndergroundEd42 January 22, 2017
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