A false statement contradictory to the truth mean to be taken as reality.
We didn't lie to our investors. We gave alternate facts.
by Señor Chavez January 23, 2017
The Trump's administration's use of the term alternate facts will aid in their quest to create a post-truth world.
by Rangerpoof January 24, 2017
Despite popular belief, an alternative fact is not a lie, but a fact derived in an alternate reality or parallel universe. These facts are often hard to verify as all data and analysis doesn't leave the alternate reality or universe where it was derived. Furthermore most people are not able to access the alternate reality or universe, as it requires special abilities reserved for those with a wonton disregard for logic, and zero cognitive dissonance.
Trump: Hey Pence, Nickelback is the best selling band of all time! We need to book them for the inauguration.
Pence: Save your alternate facts for the media and twitter.
by Taco Corp January 23, 2017
Using lies in an attempt to change the truth when the actual truth does not conform to the narrative you want to forward.
The press secretary didn't lie he was just using alternative facts.
by poidogp January 22, 2017
What a liar calls his lies, to reassure himself.
Todd: Why did Spicer tell a falsehood to the press?
Conway: What you're calling "falsehoods" are actually just alternative facts.
by @dumptrump January 23, 2017
The worst of the four classifications of lies: lies, damned lies, statistics, alternative facts. Alternative facts are distinguished from the other damnable lies by the addition of gaslighting the listener.
After backing up her false statements with alternative facts, Kellyanne Conway threatened the "dishonest" media for suggesting that she might be lying.
by Bogrimm January 22, 2017
a lie or false statement / the quality of being false/ bullshit / propaganda /

narratives often used by the Trump Administration via propoganda officials such as Sean Spicer (@seanspicer) and Kellyanne Conway (@KellyannePolls) devised to counter facts and provable realities in order to steer or sway opinions in favor of their own benefit - which is generally the agenda of their very insecure and emotionally need boss.
Climate change is not supported by science, and we will provide you with alternative facts that the dishonest press should be covering.
by Dr. Parrot January 23, 2017