A word, that in some way, since 1999 has not been defined on this site
Also is used in a sentence similarly to and
by Nintendium-chan September 17, 2014
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Also is another way to say 2 or more things
Hi my favourite food is McDonald’s but Also Mashed Potato
by -MaJestic- August 7, 2020
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a phrase used to add something to a sentence or statement that already contains the word "also"
Also, I've already squared away a job so I'm happy about that. Also also, I'm a dude.
by whateverxequals May 21, 2010
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This is a phrase used to introduce aliases, nicknames, working names, legalised names, author’s pen names and so on. Identical in meaning to the old English word Yclept, it is often abbreviated to AKA.
Politicians, also known as two-faced exponents of weasel words.
by AKACroatalin May 16, 2015
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In internet usage, it is usually interjected after a long explanation or something unfunny to make the reader laugh.
A good example would be a "Investigation" YTMND: It will have a long investigation of a meme, e.g Sexymofo, and at the end, will suddenly display "also, cocks" to make the reader laugh.
by OLOL January 19, 2007
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Indicates that the speaker either does not understand or does not care about what was just said.
Person 1: I believe that the economic downturn can be reversed by an inversion of the proportial value of liquidated Pokemon products.
Person 2: also what is it
by White Cat March 24, 2003
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phrase used when the other person has proved your point wrong or otherwise contradicted you. indicates that the other person's statement is true while not conceding that your point was false.

usually said in a contemplative manner with a knowing head nod.

compare touche.
"Ooh, he his HOT! And he's TOTALLY into me."
"He's married. And I heard he has a third nipple."
"Also true."

"Abraham Lincoln was such a tool; he put people in jail for talking trash about the union!"
"yeah, but he totally ended slavery."
"Also true."
by hiddenpaw March 22, 2010
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