the most powerfull word ever known more powerfull then all the curse words all together. Able to make people turn into a poop head. Thats if it doesn't kill the guy u say it to.
by 2nDbois May 15, 2019
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The single most offensive thing you can call someone. It's like the atom bomb of arguments. Men fear it's omnipotent and awesome power. It it literally unmatched and all humble themselves in the presence of it's divinity. Few have survived to tell of it...
Person 1:Your such a dumbass, you stupid little fucker.
Person 2:You poopy head!
Person 1:*cries*
by Bobfrankjoe October 28, 2007
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big fat poopy head haha
by epicdboi June 22, 2019
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A poopy head is something little kids call each other when they're angry. It means they have shit for brains, therefore they are idiots.
Bobby, you poopy head, u spelled CAT wrong!
by Hannah Banana April 1, 2004
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this term is used to mostly describe people that act like poops. this term can be applied to people such as ashley
"that's ashley l., i heard she's a poopy head"
by my dog sucks January 30, 2020
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a very helpful pohrase that makes u seem uninteligent deffinatly ther best word in the world
dan: ur a fag
da guy ya: ur a poopy head
by aba1 April 19, 2006
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