Denoting a person who has a dominant role or position within a particular sphere.
Take turns cooking for each other if one of you is too much of an alpha chef.
by kaosmoker September 30, 2018
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Usually used as a term for a badass male who attracts women without trying. His superiority and pure confidence allows him to achieve success. He does not WANT, because he is the WANTED. May also be used to describe a "manly" achievement or situation.
"That guy is so Alpha.." - "How does he get all those bitchez?"

"That was an Alpha move, nice work lion cub."

"I was so Alpha last night, she yanked my wang..."
by McSilky September 18, 2012
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Alpha of a pack of Neanderthals, not technically gifted in anyway possible but knows how to produce fire
Look at them Neanderthals over there, he looks like the Alpha of the pack
by ElITEZsniperking October 15, 2019
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Genuinely a 'one of a kind' man. Hot, sexy, suave, amazing lover, great fashion sense, honest, loyal, confident yet not cocky, has a phenomenal smile and the personality to match. Has a strong air about him that demands attention and respect and he accepts no less. Smart, strong, witty...the one woman that gets him should truly consider herself lucky and blessed.
Damn I love my Alpha!

This is an actual name! Publish it like every other name in the world is published on here!
by Sum1BtrThnU February 05, 2010
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Usually tall, funny and smart. Most likely has a girl best friend who they have a lot in common with. Either Dating a girl who's name starts with an S or A. Knows how to make people laugh, gets annoyed fast and loves annoying people typically their girlfriend or close friend. Usually is against fighting unless absolutely necessary. VERY ATTRACTIVE. Dating one will be the best thing to happen to you. Dreams Big and gets what they want legal or not. Sorry
Girl 1: He's cute what's his name
Girl 2 : His name is Alpha
by coolgouyjohn July 14, 2020
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1) Self-description used by pick-up artists who consider themselves to be superior, dominant males.

2) A rapist.
"Oh look, another alpha is trying to claim it's not rape to have sex with someone too drunk to count their own legs."

"He said that if I want to be an alpha, I should just push on through any last minute resistance she puts up."
by NestedLoops October 08, 2014
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The Alpha is a sophisticated A.I created by Dr. Leonard Church, who was tortured by his creator to create fragments like Sigma and Omega. He is one of the main characters in Red vs Blue.
Caboose: What does the A stand for?
Alpha: Artificial.
Caboose: Oohhh. What does the I st-
Alpha: Intelligence.
Caboose: What does the A stand for again?
Alpha: *sigh*
by Spartan14087 September 21, 2012
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