Averagely cool.
Not awesome, and not suckish.
Person A: I am going to see the new movie tonight!
Person B: Ahh. That’s aloe, but I am going to Miami tomorrow!
Person A: You win, you win!
by Simi001 June 17, 2011
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A new age word that means 'cool' or 'dope'
That girl has mad aloe bro.
Whoa you're right she's so aloe.

That test was so not aloe.

Your shirt is so aloe dude.
by acevenny April 2, 2018
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A girl who is really annoying, but has a great sense of humor. She is really awkward around boys, but some would have that makes her sweet and cute. She’s extremely trustworthy and loyal, she would never lose a hamster (or a guinea pig). She is incredibly friendly and social so you’ll always find her chatting it up with large groups of people. You should consider yourself lucky to know her:)
Oh! You hung out with Aloe this weekend? I’m so jealous, she’s the best!
by sunshinegal February 22, 2019
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Using a better alternative than lotion to masterbate.
Oh god the Aloe lasted so much longer than the generic lotion last night.
by Danny Jean February 8, 2005
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Person with discombobbled facocked shnozola-like protrusion originating in the forehead and eventually curling back into the upper lip
Ouch. That Aloe on your face poked my eye out.
by Native March 8, 2003
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when you pick up the phone, you say "alo" as the first word, just like "hello"
john: "alo, who is this?"
phone: "this is the police"
john: "oh"
by uptherabbithole May 17, 2009
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when your moist wet vagina releases a hard cock in the middle of a rainy night
whys cabo not here today?......................
You didnt hear man he had his alos last night.
by john dubie October 15, 2009
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