1. Similar to It's all good, without the oppression of specific consonants.

2. Phrase used at the conclusion of a meeting of urban ministers discussing the plight of inner-city children, enabling participants to leave while placing blame on others and without having reached any specific conclusion.
"We can't keep excusing the behavior of our children and saying that the white man is keeping us down. It's not the white man, it's our own people who are killing each other, and we've got to find a way to stop that before we can even hope to do anything else."

"Hey, is all good..."
by OldManMemphis January 16, 2008
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wannabe hip-hop ghetto bitch, or fat tattooed white super-pretender beatch, upon learning their baby daddy just married mariah carey's super hot, rich dance coach, "it's all good", usually accompanied by an expansive two-arm gesture.
by Dog D July 12, 2008
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Dude # 1: Dude, it looks like your car was stolen!
Dude # 2: It's all good.
by YoBabyYoBabyYo! January 28, 2009
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a way to say that you are doing alright in a different way. this phrase is the best alternative to saying you are alright because it rhymes.
friend 1: Emma, it looks like that hurt. are you ok?
friend 2: yeah, it's all good in the neighborhood
by The juicy juice March 18, 2019
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Meaning everything is perfect and going well in your life or current situation. Could be a question or a statement!!
Situation: You are in school and your friend asks you how your

day is going and your reply would be: "Oh it's all good in the hood"

Lets say you are on vacation, and you left your friends to watch your home and you want to check on things you could say " Hey are things all good in the hood?"
by Noelle74 April 1, 2010
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Everythings cool. Nuthins wrong.
Me and that bitchass shaniqua were fightin, then i bout her sum cheapass chocolates and now its all good in the hood
by Looeez May 10, 2003
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