I have nothing to say other than a meaningless platitude.

A phrase popularized by MC Hammer himself and used as the title of many songs since.
Dear stoner advice columnist, should I major in something practical, liberal arts, or film school?

It's all good dude.
by mandingoh December 10, 2004
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Everything is all good since I still have ALL the sim cards and memory cards, as well as the fifteen insurance policies I had made before I knew who all was involved. My word is my honor so it's all good.
Everybody's secrets are still all good with me!!
by Computing Henry October 10, 2019
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Its all good” means: You've just fucked up beyond all comprehension and belief , I'm never speaking to you again.
- (After spilling a drink or driving over a dog) 'sorry sorry'
- “It's all good”

An appropriate response after refusing the offer of help, being helped anyway and situation becoming worse. Or anticipating another's error, offering to help, being turned down and then observing tragic and/or comical behavior play out.
by Skel8tor July 14, 2012
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Statement: a lame response to adverse conditions which shows no concern to others.
Rock Star: Dude, it's thirty minutes 'till the show and there's still no sound!
Roadie: It's all good.
by bb2 April 29, 2006
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excessively mellow. A trite cliche.
Don't worry that you clueless and penniless, it's all good mon. Either you should worry less or I should smoke less bud.
by mandingoe July 17, 2003
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what people who are a little too old say to sound cool
Hip, young assistant: "Don't we have to worry about the deadline?"
Aging, overweight boss: "It's all good"
by bald spot(er) July 31, 2008
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1. Similar to It's all good, without the oppression of specific consonants.

2. Phrase used at the conclusion of a meeting of urban ministers discussing the plight of inner-city children, enabling participants to leave while placing blame on others and without having reached any specific conclusion.
"We can't keep excusing the behavior of our children and saying that the white man is keeping us down. It's not the white man, it's our own people who are killing each other, and we've got to find a way to stop that before we can even hope to do anything else."

"Hey, is all good..."
by OldManMemphis January 16, 2008
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