A caring, precious, unique person. She can make anyone laugh and is always smiling. She's one of the most gorgeous people on earth and is super outgoing. She loves sports and music. She's also kind but is soft-hearted. Don't take advantage of her.
Boy: Wow! You're so pretty and unique. No wonder you're an Aling.
by Angel.H June 21, 2015
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An elite human being, funny as fuck, full time shagger, invincible
That boy is soooo ale
by Ffghjdssertyyuh April 12, 2020
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Pronounced simularly to 'Alfred', removing the 'FR' sound. Good, strong, powerful and authorititive male Welsh name. Commonly a name given to a person of uniquely high coolness and respectability. Roughly translated it means 'He who is loveable'
Aled is soooo sweet.
by YoursTruly. June 23, 2005
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Shes an amazing friend or girlfriend if your lucky. Shes so sweet but you need to show her you love her, telling her wont cut it. If you date her show her off, kiss her, hold her hand, make her feel like shes the only girl in the world. Never let her go, youll regret it.
by Hi ily October 27, 2020
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A shitty little town in scotland. Sometimes retardedly known as "the ghetto".
normal person: hey there how are you?
alnessian: I'll break your fuckin' face in!
by RVR January 6, 2008
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A very composed man when needed to be. Hysterically funny. Very sexy with a cock ranging anywhere from average to huge. Italian or greek in hertiage, Italians pack more heat downstairs but the greeks are not too far behind. Gets the ladies whenever needed but is a sweet kind hearted soul who has a crazy side underneath it all.
Guy 1: Who is Al?

Girl 1: The most fucking bad ass sexy man ever......fact.
by Brohan Sebastian Boch December 12, 2010
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Short for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, otherwise known as "Lou Gehrig's Disease". It's a neurodegenerative disease characterized by muscle spasticity, rapidly progressive weakness due to muscle atrophy, and difficulty speaking, swallowing, and breathing. ALS is the most common of the five motor neuron disease.
Peter Frates was diagnosed with ALS, and due to appearences at various meetings and such events, the ALSIceWater challenge was created.
by A-person_yay August 18, 2014
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