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1. See heroin.

2. A BDSM sexual fantasy.
1. 'Used to be curious/now the shit's sustenance.'Alice in Chains, 'Hate To Feel'.

2. 'If I knew any hot girls called Alice, I'd so do that.'
by DarkDecapodian January 16, 2009
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Alice in Chains was an excellent hard rock band that came out of Seattle in the early 1990's. Although thought of as a grunge band due to local acts such as Nirvana and Soundgarden breaking into the mainstream around the same time of their second album release, their only musical tie to the genre was their dark and depressing subject matter.

In addition to the dark subject matter, their music also featured gritty vocals courtesy of frontman Layne Staley, amazing guitar riffs by virtuoso Jerry Cantrell, and slick drum work by Sean Kinney. Their bassist, Mike Inez, however was horrible beyond words.

Past albums include "Jar of Flies", their magnum opus "Dirt", and the self-titled "Alice in Chains".

The band unfortunately broke up due to internal strife and the unfortunate death of Layne Staley in April of 2002. The world would've been a much better place had there been at least one more AiC record to listen to...

A compilation album is available for anyone wishing to get acquainted with this influential band.
Alice in Chains is hands down one of the best rock bands to ever exist.
by Ninja Disaster September 19, 2004
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THE most amazing band to have ever existed, full stop. You can have your Beatles, and Rolling Stones, and Led Zep, and Nirvana, al the bands that normally come up when the question 'dude, who is the greatest band ever?' comes up, but Alice kick all their asses. RIP Layne, Rock on forever.
"Dude, why do Alice In Chains rock so fucking much?"
by Fitz May 31, 2004
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One of the most unique and original bands of all time; innovators of grunge rock
I used to think Nirvana was the shit, until I realized how fucking inferior in talent and performance they are to Alice In Chains.
by Kevin May 30, 2003
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Fuck Nirvana. That's right, fuck Kurt Cobain. Fuck "Nevermind", fuck the baby, fuck Teen Spirit. AIC kicks Nirvana's ass. Let's see you compare, let's say, Polly to Rooster. Let's see you compare Lithium to Man In The Box. Talk to me about music after you've made those comparisons. I guess, theoretically, you could compare Facelift to Bleach, but there is no comparison in my eyes. Dirt to Nevermind... fuckin' kiddin' me?
Idiot - KRUT CBOAIN iS tHe VoIcE oF oUr GeNeRaTiOn! PlUs hE's HaWt!@
by anonymous February 22, 2005
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