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Best School in California. Always in the top 100 ranking high schools in the country.
Its weird how many wannabes talk shit about lynbrook. They should post definitions about their own shitty schools and leave us alone.
by The Architect April 21, 2004
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When there is no one sitting in the passenger seat, but there are people riding in the back seats.

Originates from the bay area, where asian people for some reason never fill that front seat...
Ok someone jump up here, were not riding asian style!!!
by The Architect January 16, 2006
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Rojo is the way of the true individual, rooted in a classical and nautical style, with a touch of haberdashery. Rojo is not the fashion of communists nor the lifestyle of the masses.
"His clothes are just layered shades of grey."

"Indeed. Certainly not Rojo."
by The Architect April 23, 2005
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Ye were walking down the street and then pArAdoXX jumped out and pwnd ye
by The Architect November 10, 2003
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Computer Aided Drafting- used in many fields of design from Architecture to texture design. Greastest Drafting tool ever inventer
I had to CAD those drawings, it would have taken me forever to draw and Ink
by The Architect March 8, 2005
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