43 definitions by friend of bob

Concisely speaking, a very good band on the "lighter" side of things...
Neutral Milk Hotel.
by friend of bob May 17, 2004
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An emanation of powerful energy you feel during instances of extreme urgency. Never happens in real life.
That punk bitch was talking sheyat, so I thought I'd limit break his ass. He lost 9999 hit points.
by friend of bob June 13, 2004
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You know it becomes really bad when you start posting definitions of it on a website in hopes of someone reading it. I can only recommend two things. Find some new friends. Or find none at all, and eventually you'll get used to it. I've tried both, and I can't really say which one is better than the other.
Music recommendations: Aimee Mann, Alice in Chains, Dishwalla, Pink Floyd (Pulse). Get a job. Smoke weed. Drink. Smoke cigarettes. If you're depending on something else other than a lost love or friends, you won't need them as much. But there always be a little but of pain...
by friend of bob June 13, 2004
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1. A lapse in warfare between nations. Tends to be an abstract theory.
2. An informal goodbye.
3. To knock someone out in one punch.
1. We can have peace by firing guns at each other.
2. Peace, Saddam Hussein.
3. I'm gonna peace that motherfucker!
by friend of bob May 21, 2004
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Catlike creature. Has a large red ball on its head attached by a long hair. Some can fly. Some can fight. Some are lazy bastards. All say kupo.
I hope to resurrected as moogle during a different life time.
by friend of bob June 15, 2004
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A deadly and evil entity capable of emitting powerful waves of superficiality that can reduce a teenager's brain mass into excrement in mere seconds. Disguises nefarious intentions of gaining wealth from the idiotic with incessant marketing/brainwashing. Research has shown that 98 percent of MTV's audience exhibit an IQ below that of a rotting corpse. Experts recommend immediate evasion of anything affiliated with MTV, including its viewers. Many a douchebag has been manufactured via watching MTV. Females hooked on MTV usually prefer to mate with douchebags rather than humans. The music shown on MTV represents the lowest grade of musical quality existing anywhere on Earth, possibly even the universe.
The solution to MTV? None. Let other people watch it so they can become dumber than you.
by friend of bob May 15, 2004
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In response to the induhvidual (yes, that word was deliberately misspelled, for those who are unaware of Scott Adams), I must say, the only moron speaking your selected quote is you. And "victims" of the trends MTV produces? Hardly the case. It disturbs me that people as stupid as you exist.
The guy who calls himself "mtv is cooler than you" is an obvious example of someone who has replaced his brains with douche. His very existence is a sad watermark on the history of mankind. Let us hope he does not provide a description of a brick wall, for that would be a Mt. Everest of accomplishment for this poor, stupid soul.
by friend of bob July 26, 2004
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