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A deadly and evil entity capable of emitting powerful waves of superficiality that can reduce a teenager's brain mass into excrement in mere seconds. Disguises nefarious intentions of gaining wealth from the idiotic with incessant marketing/brainwashing. Research has shown that 98 percent of MTV's audience exhibit an IQ below that of a rotting corpse. Experts recommend immediate evasion of anything affiliated with MTV, including its viewers. Many a douchebag has been manufactured via watching MTV. Females hooked on MTV usually prefer to mate with douchebags rather than humans. The music shown on MTV represents the lowest grade of musical quality existing anywhere on Earth, possibly even the universe.
The solution to MTV? None. Let other people watch it so they can become dumber than you.
by friend of bob May 15, 2004

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Like many things, this phrase was once pure and clear. The term has now degenerated into an overwhelmingly broad range of actions often determined by zealous feminists to be an inappropriate sexual advance.
Me: Hi there, Sarah.
Sarah: Excuse me?! Who the hell do you think you are?!
Me: Uh....
Sarah: I'll see you in court, buddy!
by friend of bob June 15, 2004

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British counterpart of the U.S. slang shady
I find it a wee-bit dodgy
by friend of bob May 18, 2004

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What everyone wishes they were, but nobody has the balls or weaponry available to effectively carry out the day-to-day duties of a Boondock Saint.
The movie deserves to be in some sort of movie hall of fame.
by friend of bob June 15, 2004

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A cycle in which one smokes a cigarette and then lights up another as soon as the first one is finished. The only limit is how many cigarettes you have on hand.
You can usually find me chain smoking when I'm utterly stoned or drunk (or both), terribly bored, or just in that mood to smoke.
by friend of bob June 15, 2004

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Something that abruptly halted any interest in the outside world. In this game, I saw a balance so pure it erased all meaning of many things I once considered significant. This game has now become my world.
Call me a loser. Tell me I have no life. I'll show you how much I care.

Halo 2 is awesome.
by friend of bob September 25, 2005

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A type of individual often imitated but rarely existing in the scapes of humanity. Today, America is inundated with millions of kids who think they are tough because rap is so "hard". True hardasses do not look for unnecessary trouble because they know what they are capable of, whereas every other wannabe feels the need to prove how much they can handle.
There is no such thing as a rapper who is a hardass. Most could get beat up by a six year old if not for their bodyguards and firearms.
by friend of bob May 15, 2004

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