An excellent Seattle Grunge band or whatever genre you put them into or choose to label...still they fucking a NUTSHELL
Dude this song fucking rocks....Alice in Chains make me jack off they rock so hard.
by BEEFY MCBEEF March 24, 2005
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Alice In Chains was one of the five big bands which originated in the seattle area during the 80s and the 90s and are in my opinion the best band in their genre any day
listen to :
1)down in a hole
3)got me wrong
4)rain when i die
5)no excuses
me:God is alice in chains the best ?
God:fo' shizzle ma bizzle
by vijeth March 04, 2006
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A grunge band that first came in 1990 with the release of their album "Facelift". Other albums/EPs include "Sap", "Jar of Flies", "Dirt", and "Alice in Chains".

Alice in Chains was the darkest and best band of the grunge era. They were most recognized for their album "Dirt", in which Layne Staley, the lead singer, used heroin as his main inspiration.

The band would break up in '95, and Layne would die from a heroin overdoze in 2002.
Narcotic-inspired music is always great.
by aic_andy June 13, 2004
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One of the greastest bands out there. Alice In Chains has to be the most underappreciated and unnoticed band during its time. With it's raw and intense vocals from frontman Layne Staley, and Jerry Cantrell's guitar riffs and songwriting, Sean Kinney on percussion and Mike Inez on bass. Layne Staley's vocals were so....great. His strange harmonies, the vibrato in his voice on the low, softness in the liteness, the soul in the dark heavyness, just makes his voice so unique and so versatile.The music created by them is so beautiful, and melancholy. Alice In Chains was more metal/alternative than grunge. Grung was created by Nirvana because they needed to promote themselves. What a joke. Pick up an Alice In Chains album. It will be the only band you'll think as being great, and you'll know what REAL music is like.Compare an Alice In Chains song to one of Nirvana's, and listen how Kurt Co-Bang sings in a whiny tone with no soul or emotion, and Layne Staley with his beautiful voice that you can fall asleep to. The only reason Kurt Co-Bang (cobain) wrote 'Smells like teen spirit' is because he didn't have a date to the prom. And the way he dressed? It was called 'grunge', but those were just clothes his mom picked out for him at the Goodwill. And he got first pick because she worked there.Alice In Chains kicks Nirvana's scrawny ass.
Alice In Chains > Nirvana
by Queen of the Rodeo April 25, 2008
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Alice in Chains were a band who wrote music about drug addiction hence the name, rather than alice being in wonderland their name blatantly reffers to the misery of drug addiction.

Their beautiful and melodic music acts as a vehicle for them to express their emotions regarding esp. layne staley's 15 year struggle with multiple substance addiction, family breakdown and disfunction.

they portray this so well that people many people who listen to them are in danger of becoming depressed merely by listening.

In my opinion their work is as valuable as the most important literature and poetry of the 20th century.
My life is shit, I feel like I am treading water in a big black sea, and that I just dont have the energy or desire to keep swiming, I am pretty sure that soon I will find myself sinking with lungs full of water, impotently paralised and traveling down to what ever namless horrors live in the deep.

holy shit have you been listening to Alice in Chains again?
by wadstard February 21, 2012
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People who say Godsmack copied Alice in chains logo should look them up. They are different suns, are you having eye troubles?
And have you guys saying Godsmack copied Alice in Chains' music, maybe they sound similar because its the same music genre!
Godsmack and Alice in chains are completly different so stfu.
by Jagra99 November 10, 2012
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