"In the cut" primarily refers to a location that is secluded or hard to find. It can be used in both urban and rural areas. In a metropolitan setting, a house or store that’s “back in the cut” would be in a place off the main drag, perhaps in an older or run-down neighborhood. Likewise, in the country when someone’s house is “out in the cut” it generally means that person’s house is off the map (far away from town, gravel roads, etc.)

Livin “down in the cut” isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You can throw some bangin-assed parties when there’s nobody else around to complain about em.
Guy1 “Trey’s party was off the hook!”
Guy2 “Really, where was it? I couldn’t find the place...”
Guy1 “It’s back in the cut, on Bent Street”
by Alan King July 1, 2004
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An area that no one knows about
Yo! I'm at Anna G's house, in the cut
by cut420 January 31, 2011
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A place, predominately in the projects, that is hard to find or get to without being noticed. Usually the spot in-between lower-income housing facilities in which drugs are sold or made, dice games are played, and/or stories are shared amongst the residents.
TyQuan: Where you at, I'm riding low in the city?
JJ: I'm in the cut rolling dice with the set.
TyQuan: Bool, I'll link up.
by bicken back bein bool November 27, 2015
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like at a club and you get the vip and they seat you in the corner of the club your "in the cut"
by shalliors July 13, 2010
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hey lets go chill over in tha cut by john's house
by g-lo June 11, 2004
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sexual intercourse; the "cut" meaning the vagina.
what'd you do last night?
i was in the cut till late.
by MetMan 2004 September 4, 2004
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a. "How come they didn't catch you?" "I was over in the cut so they couldn't find me."
b. "Yo Murda, what you upto?" "Nuthin much, jus chillin in the cut."
by .:] MuRdA [:. December 13, 2005
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