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Name: A pretty awesome person. Usually Serbian, and often a BAMF.
DAAAM!! That kid's a Aleksandar
by ThatSupaKoolKid October 08, 2011
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Comes from the Greek name Alejandros
meaning, protector of men
the name Aleksandar is used in slavic country's like Serbia, Macedonia, and others
People named Aleksandar have most of the time slavic blood, meaning that they are attractive and intelligent people
Other related names used in other parts of the world
Alexander, Aleksander, Aleksandr, Alex, Aleks, Alec,

One of the greatest representors of this name was The Macedon Aleksander the Great,
who was the greatest king of all time.
Aleksandar the Great(macedon)conquered the whole known world.
by Slobodan9 January 02, 2006
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Aleksandar is that boy in my civics and science class that's somewhat weird. He's really small and hates soccer even though he's serbian...? He's really dirty minded and weird. he used to be really quiet... Aleksandar is that kind of kid that looks so intelligent and quiet and nice...but do they even know what this child does? he's straight out weird. But he's a good friend. he's just...Aleksandar
*BTW he also will give u gum UwU
Aleksandar's the weirdo in the class but tries to be smart
via giphy
by ._-_.itsinbetweenkid._-_. November 01, 2019
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To je jedna fuxa.
Hey I rly love that person he's such an Aleksandar
by Sexynugget69 October 15, 2020
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