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Another way to say "sweet" or "sick". Also means having extreme wealth and prowess at anything in life. Masterfully succeeding in all endeavors. Bringing all the girls to the yard. Never coming up short. Having a lavish lifestyle and partying hard. #Winning.
"Wow that guy is well dressed. He looks like a fuxa."

"I wish I was a fuxa, then I'd be rich, cool and sauve."

"Damn that kid is repping Reeboks and holister - Totally not fuxa!"

"We lost last night pretty badly. We got fucking fuxaed."

"Let's booze. Let's fucking fuxa!"

"I wish I could be more fuxa, then maybe I could slay some tail."

"JR Smith is so wet from beyond the arch. Yeah, he's pretty fuxa."
by abc123user January 10, 2015
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