A dope ass little town other than the fact that it is in new york
I live in macedon
by don't worry about it February 19, 2018
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Somebody that is beautiful inside and out. Loved by many, even if they, or them don't show it. Will make you smile when you feel down and will always be there for you. Has a great sense of humor and fashion sense. Somebody who is just completely amazing and a loyal friend.
A: Oh hey, thats guys awesome
B: I know right
A: He's a total Macedon
B: He sure is
by purple dressing gown October 16, 2011
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The Prince of Macedon or (PoM for short) is an Asian Youtuber who posts video blogs and makes commentary videos on gameplay footage that he records on his computer. Many gamers consider him to be one of the pioneers of video-game commentary videos but he is also widely thought to be over-rated.
G: Dude The Prince of Macedon has 32 fucking thousand subscribers on Youtube!

P: I know... that guy is such a douche... I wonder why!
by smh070164 December 26, 2011
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1. A small town east of Rochester.

2. So small it is combined with Palmyra students to form 1 Middle school and High school

3. Main locations: Super Walmart and Lowe's

4. Location unknown to people the next town over.
"Where are you from?"

"Macedon, NY."

"Where's that?"

"15 minutes away from you..."
by Macedon born and raised February 24, 2012
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