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Great, wierd, cute

Aleksander is a name of a great guy everyone want to know.
He have a great body, good in bed. He is the guy every girl have dreamed of!
Aleksander: Hey
Girl: *thinking: WOW!! What an handsome boy*
Aleksander: Wanna go out?
Girl: OFC!!
by Sarah Olsen April 07, 2011
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Aleksander, is often referred to as the prince, although he really is the god among men, a real stunner. Aleksander is also a very clever guy. He got the brains with an IQ that exceeds most people, and he is probably as smart as he is hot. Nothing can hold him back, as he is a real gunner. Aleksander was born lucky, he is the life's wheel of fortune, and people love to be around him and touch him, hoping they will get a bit of his lucky nature. Aleksander is also a funny guy, a real people magnet. When you get to know this prince better, you will never let him go, since he is the sweetest and most caring person ever, a life saver and a sexy doctor. Aleksander is sexy, and he knows it.
Girl: Wow Aleksander is sexy!
by The69God October 11, 2018
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Like Alexander but spelled incorrectly.
Person 1: that's Alexander
Person 2: it's actually spelled Aleksander

He's from Serbia.

Person 1: no that's wrong this is murica.
by pseudonym4a May 30, 2018
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