Much different than an Alcoholic. Alcoholists do not have a dependency on alcohol. They merely enjoy drinking large amounts of alcohol to reach that "happy place", which usually means blacking out and trying to figure out what the hell happened last night.
Dude I'm not alcoholic. I'm an alcoholist.

All alcoholists have a a flask full of Jägermeister and red bull to have an instant Jäger bomb.
by whitie1234 August 30, 2010
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An expert at alcohol. Like a specialist~ a professional. Someone who is a specialist at alcohol. Unlike the term "alcoholic", which has a negative connotation, an "alcoholist" is someone who is a specialist at alcohol. They are unlikely to be a drunk, but more akin to a connoisseur of alcohol. This is a compliment, and a term of respect and camaraderie.
That person is a pianist.
That person is a specialist.
That person is a biologist.
That person is an economist.
**That person is an alcoholist.**
by Korean Rep. February 10, 2012
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A person that likes drinking alcohol, but won’t depend on it like an alcoholic 24/7. They just wanna be sober or let loose a little.
Friend 1: I feel like you’ll be an alcoholic since you rely on it. Friend 2: No, I’ll be an Alcoholist. I like it, but I only need it when I wanna stop being depressed.
by o... KURRRR November 08, 2018
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As opposed to an alcoholic who drinks to satisfy an addiction, an Alcoholist is like an optimist and views the cup as half full (of beer). They will take any event and use it as an excuse to drink like passing an exam, failing an exam, or the half birthday of their dead cat.
by ShitSmith60 February 19, 2018
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The antithesis of Teetotalism; the embrace of alcohol as a life-enriching and enjoyable substance and presence in everyday life. Plays on the words alcoholic and holistic.

Can be used as an adjective (to be Alcoholistic) or a noun (to be an Alcoholistic).
"You're an alcoholic?"
"No, I just enjoy drinking. I'm an Alcoholistic."

"I don't drink or put toxins in my body. I also listen to shitty music."
"Oh yeah? I'm Alcoholistic. It makes it way easier to deal with you."
by apeirophobia February 01, 2010
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Discrimination against alcoholics. Legislation and practices that unfairly remove the rights of alcoholics.
Tax on alcohol, dry counties, etc. Grocery store rewards programs that don't reward alcohol purchases. Hey man, you aren't gonna sell me that beer just because it's sunday but i can still buy a soda, that's makes you an Alcoholist!
by sethnw July 19, 2010
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Adj. Describing or relating to the alcoholism of one or more people to further amplify the behavior of that of an alcoholic.

Adj. Acting like or pertaining to the actions related to that of an alcoholic.
"Dude this school is full of alcoholistic sorority girls who just get fucked up and fucked."

"That kid is alcoholistically funneling those beers!"

"This state school is filled with alcoholistic athletes who drink any day of the week!"
by K-Lova Lova November 10, 2009
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