The practice and promotion of complete abstinence from alcoholic beverages. A lesser form of the typical straight edge, and equally as tacky.
"Phil's been spouting off that teetotalism shit again! When's he going to stop shoving it down our throats?"
by A Lolrus April 24, 2008
teetotaled - abruptly forced into a life of teetotalism (complete abstinence from alcohol) due to health issues such as sudden allergic reactions or disease.
"I used to enjoy red wine with every dinner, until I was teetotaled in my mid 20's by a severe allergy."
by Bgoof June 29, 2006
teetotal: to not drink alcohol at all
teetotaller: someone who doesn't drink alcohol.

someone who does not drink at all usually for health, religious or personal reasons. not just because they are short on cash or their wife pokes them good in the eye with a broom for coming home drunk.
ray: want a beer?
owen: nope, I'm teetotal
everyone: NO WAY!
by owen ling July 17, 2005
someone too awesome to be slowed down by alcohol consumption!
What is so different about that girl?
She's teetotal man!
I best be changin my ways then.
by sXeKenzie March 30, 2011
Absolutely final, To the end, Completely finished, Done to the last degree. The most and greatest possible;
Full to overflowing.
"She tickled me until I was "teetotally" exhausted."
by teetiger September 2, 2008
Someone who has once drunk alcohol to excess habitually, sooner or later, unless that person wants to be dependent on alcohol all thier life, will need to give it up completely. When they do, they usually need to abstain from alcohol for THE REST OF THIER LIFE. This person is called teetotal.
Doug is teetotal. He once drunk lots of booze just to forget who he was. Drinking lots of booze can be fantastically brilliant, but the downside is that you never get anything done.
by newbornbombing November 5, 2007