one who, starting from a position of over-educated and under-informed logical supposition, commences making erroneous and devastating judgements about the functioning of the world, and then formally codifies their misunderstanding in dogmatic and arrogant absurdity
man, that guy is such an *economist*, i wish he'd just listen to people once in a while!
by maoctopus May 23, 2011
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An economist, in the most typical sense of the word, is a failed comedian turned professor whose faith in the fun factor of his subject is nil. On paper, economists are renowned for their dry and unnecessarily convoluted writing, which is only worsened when a topic inspires them to try to be funny. In person, economists maintain supercilious attitudes to each other and to the rest of world and deservedly so – few people have the stunning courage necessary to challenge themselves with the gruelingly difficult questions in a college, high school, or graduate school introductory lecture. Economists are, with the exception of cult leaders, quite possibly the only group of people in the world that can be so consistently wrong and so stubbornly steadfast in their commitment to making public predictions. The perpetual failure to be right also contributes to the arrogance of your typical economist because blue collar slobs don’t make multiple billion dollar mistakes regularly and blue collar slobs certainly don’t get promoted for those mistakes. Nowhere in the world is an economist more worshipped than within his own circle of indistinguishable colleague economists and, still further, within his own head.
The surest way to know what won’t happen in the future is to ask an economist what he thinks will happen.

As a general rule of thumb, an economist is as certain as he is unaccountable - that is to say, always and completely.
by blueredyellow November 8, 2009
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iemand die niet goed genoeg is in economie om een econoom genoemd te worden.
ik sta een 4 voor economie,ik ben zo'n economist.
by djaqwa September 20, 2017
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A magazine local to the UK which is commonly used by students in their final years of school studying A-level or equivalent to help them get into a good university. It can also come to the aid of those applying to investment banks and the like if read thoroughly.
I'm applying to Cambridge economics and so, I bought The Economist for £3 on sale.
by TheCockDwindler May 8, 2017
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A British Magazine founded in 1848. It is a weekly that provides it's readers news of World Politics, recent advances in science, ect. It is set up in 16 parts, The World this Week, Leaders, Letters, Briefing of a major topic, United States, The Americas, Asia, Middle East and Africa, Europe, Britain, International, Business, Finance and Economics, another briefing,science and Technology, Books and Arts, Economic and Financial Indicators, and Obituary. Every once and a while there is also a 14 to 18 page section on a specific topic, and quarterly some articles from a sister magazine, Intelligent Life.
Many Political and Economic leaders read The Economist Magazine.
by Dasichferbotten October 31, 2011
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One who goes to great lengths to pay as little as possible for gas.
"I get gas whereever I need to; I'm not gonna bend over backwards to save, like, a dollar, cuz I'm no fuel economist"
by PositiveZero April 1, 2008
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Any person who does not have the intelligence or experience to even begin to understand the world's economies but decides their opinions are what will return the world to a time of prosperity anyway. These people often make no effort to even consider the possibility that people who do this for a living are acting in the best interest of the majority.
I heard some armchair economist say, "if the government gave everyone a new Chevy, that would fix the economy".
by T_i_m_o March 20, 2009
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