The act of placing one's testicles upon another's eyes with the penis resting on the forehead, usually by a person of albanian background.
Dennis: Yo come to my room i want to show you my rare albanian goggles.

Amanda: Okay..where are they?

Dennis: Get on your knees and close your eyes...i want to put them on you..

Amanda: hahaha ok....

Proceeds to put his balls on her face.

Dennis: (to his friends the next day) I gave her Albanian Goggles!
by DeHeme November 27, 2009
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Someone who is trained in typically unconventional, brutal and outrageous attempts on the life of another; a lethal machine secretly employed in espionage, manipulation and sex games with hot women; a living nightmare.
The negotiations did not go well at all. Because all talks have broken down, they have no other option but to send the Albanian Assassin after their ass and finish the deal.
by THE Albanian Assassin April 2, 2013
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When you cum in a girls nose and throw them down stairs
"hey babe wanna do the albanian noodle tonight?"
by rape=good_health_care November 15, 2017
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Using as much cologne as you can to mask your B.O and or any bad smell you may have accumulated throughout the night or day
Bro, I smelled so bad this morning but didn’t have time to shower, so instead I had to take an Albanian shower.
by TinyPocketRocket April 7, 2020
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When you are in Albania and being sucked off by a llama or goat. You get angry and stab the animal in the liver. Leaving it to bleed out and then later pour the blood down your foreskin
Damn that Dirty Albanian was good
by COMMANDO-ALF March 12, 2019
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Albanians are strong,smart,clean people. When you mess with us we aren’t afraid to say the truth back even if it’s mean. Albanians are also known for our sassy personality’s. We don’t like fake people, and we LOVE Mercedes Benz. But either way we are really kind people and it is a beautiful country with beautiful people. We love to meet knew people and make new friends, all fake people are pushed out of our lives.
Wow Albanian people are really cool.
by Albanian!!!! October 18, 2018
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