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1. The scottish language ; A form of Gaelic, closely related to Irish and Manx, part of the Goidelic or Q-Celtic sub family of the Celtic language grouping.
Not to be confused with 'Scots', 'Lowland Scots', 'Lallans' or 'Doric' which is a language/dialects of a language of Anglo-Saxon origin, formerly referred to by its speakers as Inglis/Ynglis, which assumed the title 'Scots' around the 15th century.
2. Ethnically Scottish - being those who speak the aforementioned Scottish language; Gaels or 'Gaidheil' in their own language.
3. Of or belonging to Scotland.
'Canan na h-alba' - the language scotland,
'an canan Albannach' - the language of Scots,
'Canan nan Gaidheil' - the language of Gaels,
'Albannach' - Scottish.
by siarach October 25, 2005
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The native Scottish name for Scotland.
Names of Scotland in Celtic languages :

Alba - Scottish
Albain - Irish
Yr Alban - Welsh
Bro Skos - Breton
by siarach March 21, 2006
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Lallans is the dominant dialect of the Lowland Scots, or Anglo-Scots, language. Spoken mostly in the South of Scotland. Doric is the dialect spoken in the North East.
Aye bawbag, awa oot. Aye workin. Ya ken? Wir ain leid - Lallans.
by siarach March 21, 2006
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The Anglo-Saxon language of Scotland. Native to the Lothians and Borders ( and historically all of Northumbria in England ) it spread over centuries and displaced Gaelic - the native Scottish language - from most of the Lowlands. Most famous examples of the language are probably found in the poetry of Robert Burns. There has been much debate, which is ongoing, over whether or not Lowland Scots is a language in its own right or a dialect of English.
Scots, wha hae wi' Wallace bled,
Scots, wham Bruce has aften led,
Welcome to your gory bed
Or to victorie!
by siarach March 21, 2006
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1. The Scottish people - being either those belonging to the nation of Scotland or those who speak the Scottish language (Gaidhlig).
2. The Anglo-Saxon language of lowland Scotland. Derived from Old English and formerly referred to as 'Inglis/Ynglis' by its speakers until they usurped the title of 'Scottish' from the native, Gaelic speaking, Scots around the 15th century.
English : Scots

Lowlands : Lallans
Church : Kirk
Lake : Loch
by siarach November 1, 2005
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