Alaa is usually a girl's Arabic name , it means a blessing . Alaa is usually a beautiful person especially her soul . She's so pure and caring , she'd sacrifice anything for her friends . She's so magnificant and rare because such a personality isn't present nowadays . So , if you know an Alaa , you're lucky . Keep her and know how forunate you're to have such a person in your life!
She's so kind , her name should have been Alaa .
by Rawann March 15, 2017
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Alaa can be an arabic boy name that usually reefers to highness
You're alaa (highness)
by Indominus February 25, 2017
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its an arabic word which means all the blessings in the world. Its used as a name for girls. Usually if you are named like that, then the meaning really falls on you.
Its pronounced as (alaeh)
g1: hi, there.
g2: hi
g1: so wats ur name?
g2: Alaa
g1: nice
by L..a..(grt) March 31, 2009
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Alaa is an Islamic girl name it can means blessings nobility excellence or perfection

Alaa is an active smart curious child

Your friend Alaa is kind pure and honest she likes nature Alaa is very beautiful always supporting you and listening to you, She has a good memory, She's close to her mother and likes to

help everyone, Very creative in art and if Alaa is your classmate you'll notice that she always get good marks and you can see her trying to help you improving yours she also have good sense of humor and take care of her appearance girls like to copy her in everything she does and trust her advice if she's your girlfriend she will shower you with sweetness and give you a lot of attention but at first she likes to play the hard to get role the key to win her heart is that you offer your friendship first then try to go farther she's a good kisser and the sexiest of all once you find an Alaa don't lose her cause it's hard to find anyone like an Alaa


Alaa is so beautiful and smart I want her
by Mark HR September 1, 2017
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Alaa is literally so hot it wouldn’t be wrong not to have a crush on her.She’s beautiful smart funny and VERY SEXY!!!! If you know a Alaa keep her bc if you don’t your dum.A Alaa will help you solve all your problems because of how smart she is.If your am Alaa your awesome!! 😍💋❤️
by November 22, 2021
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Hey did you see that girl? She had such an Alaa nose!
by Raema From Alabaema June 8, 2020
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is a name of a black motherfucker with a big dick who loves tight pussies. he never stops until the woman squirts so hard that she cant squirt anymore. He stops because he is a nice person, he treats his lady as a queen. If she does not want to have sex, he wont force her. He will kindly fuck any hole he sees. His neighbour, his dog, anything!!!.
e.g. Don't try to find the alaa, you will never find him here. Go for a jonny or tom or bom or something. Alaa is impossible to find.

e.g. My boyfriend tried to go all Alaa on me. He kept fucking me but I did not squirt. I wish I can have me a real Alaa.

e.g. My neighbour Alaa came over today and fucked me, then he fucked my daughter. She squirted so hard that she don't even have a pussy anymore. All that because his wife didnt let him fuck her. I hope he always come over.
by RRRRRRRH May 9, 2018
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