Aurora Aksnes is a Norwegian singer and songwriter. She is known as 'AURORA'. She is gifted with a voice that is out of this world. A truly talented woman! Only a few special people discover her music. You probably heard her popular song "runaway" on TikTok ...oh and that voice in Frozen 2 "ohh oooohh" (the voice calling elsa) yeah that's her.
I wish I can see Aurora Aksnes perform live!

Did you hear? Aurora Aksnes' new album is coming soon!
by Nikitaissad March 20, 2021
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Probably the most talented singer on the earth, with just 22 years old. She is so beautiful, and free...

She's extraordinary, you should know her, because it will be the most beautiful voice you will ever heard.

She is from nothway. She started to write songs at 9 years old.

She is an angel. She deserves all the good things on the universe.

She will transmit you peace, love, freedom, and a lot of feeligs with just hear her voice.
P1: Wow that singer transmits me peace, freedom, oh my god, a lot of feelings
P2: She's Aurora Aksnes
by A simple girl December 13, 2018
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