Ask, to ask. Incorrectly assumed to be a mispronunciation. "aks" is an ebonic pronunciation of the word "ask" and is considered to be acceptable english in grammar, but not spelling.
i.e. the word "carmel" has only one spelling, but can be pronounced "carmel" or "caramel"
"did she aks you out?"
"let me aks you a question about xmas"
by walkingblind November 13, 2005
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Aks WAS the correct English and original pronounciation as England had conquered most of the world enslaving the Africans, this pronounciation has therefore entered the Ebonic lexicon through osmosis (subconciousness) it is therefore genetic of black people to pronounce aks as opposed to ASK. It has nothing to do with laziness because Bob Marley a well educated man and such spoke all the words of english properly, however he had difficulty pronouncing ASK. Ebonics is just another excuse to call black people stupid when in fact their cleverer than we think, they're fooling us all.
Excerpt from buffalo soldier:

Then you wouldnt have to aks me,
Who the 'eck do I think I am.
by Sukhdeep Sond August 19, 2008
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What a New Yorker says in place of "ask"
(Insert New Yawk accent here) Let me aks you somethin...
by Mike Mueller April 24, 2004
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Replaces the word "ask". Said by those of african descent or New Yorkers.
Latisha: Lemme aks you something mothafucka

Andre: Wassup shawty?

Latisha: I be aksin you where my axe spray is at cuz i aint got none left and I be stinkin
by ugifiri August 07, 2015
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