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A member of one of the African-American regiments within the U.S. Army after the Civil War, serving primarily in the Indian wars of the late 1860s.
He was a buffalo soldier in the war for America.
by Erik February 02, 2005
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A sexual act in which a man, when he's nearing climax, puts on a wig of dreadlocks (This has the best effect when the wig comes on while her eyes are closed, so she gets the full effect when she opens her eyes.) And just as she's thinking "What the fuck?" you pull out and cum all over her while singing the "Oy yoy yoy. Oy yoy yoy yoy. Oy yoy yoy, yoy yoy yoy yoy yoy" section of the chorus of Buffalo Soldier by Bob Marley.
She completely freaked out when he did the buffalo soldier as he spooged on her tits.
by Balls Mackelroy June 16, 2009
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a slow motorist who consistently drives noticeably below the speed limit.
The Buffalo Soldier caused the traffic jam by travelling 35mph in a 50mph zone.
by unemployed gamers January 23, 2011
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A consensual act in which two men scissor bungholes, and from which neither party experiences any sexual pleasure whatsoever
If you got any enjoyment out of your Buffalo Soldier session, you were doing it wrong
by §talos the N¡hil!st June 14, 2018
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