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1-an adjective used to describe a rare Senegalese ethnic group's color of skin. few people are considered Akonic because to break this racial barrier a person must have skin as black as Akon himself. it is impossible to be a darker shade of black than Akon, but African folklore claims anyone who possesses this rare dark skin attribute has incredible musical talents(with the help of synthesizers and autotune).
2-verb, the ability of one to simply shit hit singles out of their asshole and make millions of dollars by dominating the radio and digital downloads. When a person is Akonic they rape the music charts(and 14 year olds) but redeem themselves by writing songs that controlled the 2000's.
1. "did you hear see how black his skin was?. i bet he can ball hard"
- yeah man hes no nigga, hes Akonic.

2. "did you hear his new music? hes gonna be a great singer. he always has new albums and his singles are all over the radio."
-for real tho, hes Akonicing all over the music game and tearing up the charts. where does he pull all of these hit songs out of, his asshole?
by mwink0419 July 12, 2012
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