Some guy that mainy sings the chorus to others rap songs and is famous for saying his name and the rappers at the begining of the song.
Akon: Yea Akon and Obie.
Akon: ohh Akon and young gezy.
Akon Whoa Akon and somebody.
by Dicskin July 19, 2006
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Guy: Did you hear that new Akon song?

Other Guy: How can a seed make music?
by An Oak Tree November 25, 2009
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Person #1: Yo that dude's created a new race!
Person #2: That nigga ain't even black he's akon.
by alwi November 11, 2007
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A faggot ass wannabe rnb singer who's popularity is soaring thanks to lifeless tasteless douche bags who listen to this shit. this guys a fucking joke. he claims that he spent years behind bars for running an auto theft ring. the truth is this asshole served a couple short sentences for unpaid parking tickets and now is tryin to make hard shit out of it. also this bitch claims to not be proud of being a felon and that hes trying to forget that part of his life. yet the fucking moron introduces himself as "convict" in the beginning of each song. what a fucking tool and a waste of fucking oxygen.
14 year old fag: omgzorz have u heard the new akon song sexy bitch??
me: yeah, that fagget manages to screw up songs even from artists like David guetta. fucking prick.
by communismbeatsdemocracy November 17, 2009
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No need to cherish luxuries (cause everythin' come and go)
Even the life that you have is borrowed
(Cause your not promised tomorrow)
by Taariq January 14, 2005
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you all have it wrong; Akon is the anime convention in Dallas. It's usually hosted late spring/early summer. This year's Akon is June 1-3. I will be cosplaying as Dejiko from DiGi Charat. It will be so kawaii!!!
Ignorant pop-culture cretin: Yo, I heard Akon is performin' in D-Town. I'm going fo' shizzle...

Non-ignorant person: I hope you don't mind being trapped in a convention center w/ a bunch of life-long virgins dressed as cartoon characters. You may hear some j-rock, but no rap.

Me: meow! I can't wait until Akon!
by Jaime-hime May 31, 2007
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Jill:Like...Oh my Gosh Becky, it's Akon....

Becky:Like shut The Fuck up jill...erry nigga knows Akons the sickest already
by bman718 May 18, 2005
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