going off it, on one, going to mental. - Mainly used in the north east.
by No Name M8 December 17, 2015
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Akka is a Dutch street language word for ass
Me: ohh she has a dikke akka
You: holy shit, she does have a fat ass
by YaRos May 12, 2020
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The art of reacting exaggeratedly whilst aggravated yet usually being completely convinced you are a) in the right and b) justified to shout and scream at the offending object / person in question. Laregely performed whilst under the influence of alcohol.
'she was going akka outside the club last night'

'yeah i saw what she wrote and went absolutely akka!
by cheeky cheeky November 17, 2008
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Some thing that is 'Offit'
'that moose humped a cow then shat on its chest' ' man thats akka'
by zzss October 19, 2007
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for someone to go mental or get overly excited or angry
woah calm don’t go akka”
by SkySharpexx June 30, 2020
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The Australian way of referring to AC/DC, our country's greatest rock band and the pioneers of hard rock. "Akka Dakka" sounds so fucking Australian, and like many of our culture's lingo, was derived from a longer, more syllable-heavy word to form a shorter, quicker variation that reflects the enthusiastic "Let's get to it" attitude of the Australian people.
Driver: "Hey, turn that bloody shit off an' let's switch on some Akka Dakka, eh cobber?"
Passenger: "Fuckin' oath, mate. Dirty Deeds, done cheap? Bloody hell, I love this one."
by Alhadis January 25, 2006
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What you call ACDC, the great rock band.
Lets blast sum Akka Dakka.
by Diego October 6, 2003
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