Aj is a loving, special, goofy, funny and a great guy. He can have some ups and downs. It’s worth being his friend or his boy friend. Especially his boy friend because he’s treats u really nicely and makes sure your happy all the time. When he’s mad, upset, or anger he doesn’t really talk about his feelings. But if he trusts you he will talk about it. He is a really good guy and will help u with all your needs.
Aj:you see that girl over there
His friend: yea why she’s hot
Aj: she’s mine I’m gunna go talk to her
by Jannablue April 26, 2020
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Aj (name)

The most perfect person you would ever meet, the most intelligent, most kind, most amazing, most brilliant person you would EVER MEET! I’m telling you he/she is a keeper! A KEEPER! They deserve attention and a happy life. They are perfect in everyway
Aj is perfect in every way
by lizzylemon September 11, 2020
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He is such an aj
by Lolpond February 11, 2020
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koris boyfriend
Look it’s aj with Kori they’re such a cute couple.
by Orange zebra June 12, 2019
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A really cool guy that always try’s to make very thing ok and he is always trying to make ppl happy when there sad or upset but what they don’t no is he is not happy himself he is in a really sad life and is Nvr really happy he gives advice to ppl but he Nvr takes his own advice he has Nvr been happy he always fakes his feeling the aj you meet in public is completely different from aj when he’s by himself but he is kinda cute and a lil chubby but he always try and make ppl laugh
Is aj ok yea he said he’s fine
by Aj yeet master July 16, 2019
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