THE most wonderful person you will ever meet and once you see him you can't help but fall in love. Very muscular and tanned. AJ's are very family oriented and care about everyone a lot. They are great conversationalists. Their sense of humor is divine and they are unbelievably attractive because of that.
Wait who on earth is THAT?!

Oh him? The attractive one beyond belief??


Oh, that's AJ.

by i love real men August 29, 2011
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n. commonly used to describe an italian who displays "best-boyfriend-ever" behavior
also see sweet, irresistible, and sexy-beast
marsha: "oh my gosh look at the beautiful roses he sent me!
tina: "wow, he's such an aj..."
by sandbagga' November 20, 2006
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A slang term for a male couch dweller. AJ's like to have their ego stroked for doing absolutely nothing at all and can be awesome friends, despite their frequent mood swings. AJ's are experts at making girls feel good about themselves and are not afraid to get down on all fours and act like evil kittehs.
"He is such an AJ!"


born to be an AJ
by McFluffers April 09, 2008
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