AJ Is a manwhore. he seeks for attention and usually loves basic white chicks. He'll replace you with a blink of an eye. He might have a good side in him but usually he'll replace your ass right away, he's a total heartbreaker. Watch out for the AJ's. Don't fall inlove with them.

Girl 2: He's such an AJ.
by Lizzoxo November 05, 2017
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Apple Juice for short. Like OJ.
Woah! This aj is the f***ing shit!!!!!!
by Tyler D February 24, 2006
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when you have nothing better to do/or nobody hits you up so you deiced to get drunk by yourself and party alone and play video games all night.
Nedbro nobody hit me up so i pulled an AJ got mad schwilly and played ZOMBIES all night!!!
by XKYLDDX October 22, 2011
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Guys name, Usually a nickname or Initials.
Aj is a guy with a big heart, emotional and caring.

Can be critical of others but is more self critical.
Very handsome and flirty.
Usually is very well endowed.
Wow AJ is so sweet and Ive heard he is hung like a god!
by batcrazyfella December 20, 2016
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Usually likes girls that are cute. He is very sweet, kind, nice, and cute. He is very athletic and very strong. He is very loyal to all his friends. He is also very funny.
I wish I was AJ.
by Savage_17_K December 16, 2017
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a uncontrollable Filipino guy who bangs any girl he sees...

short, muscular, chest of steal.

a great gentlemen, and never mean

Aj is every girls dream guy
commonly used when girl sees a hot guy...

"wow look at the Aj."
"I wish i can be an Aj."
by Aj! whoo July 10, 2008
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AJ is the type of person you will only come across once in your life time. He is one of the sweetest and most caring people you will ever meet. He has a great eye for all things music and a unique personality. He is kind, understanding, thoughtful and very selfless. He always keeps your best interest at heart and will do anything he can to keep you happy. There is no one like an AJ.
Girl: Wow her boyfriend is so awesome, he must be an AJ!
by Coolperson1011 August 08, 2019
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