Aj is the most sweetest girl you'll ever meet (once you get to know her). Never cross the line with Aj *she will demolish you*!! All the guys fall for Aj and her amazing charm and beauty. Most girls envy her for her popularity. Aj is a well-known girl and easy to become friends with
"Aj is soo nice and sweet but i wouldn't want to get on her dark side"
by Aniyah Harper October 2, 2018
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AJ is a careing girl she can be fierce and a badass If she wants, love and careing she is she usual to meet an AJ is rare and very lucky.
AJ I did not expect you to be as badass as you were right now.
by Badlire January 11, 2018
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a uncontrollable Filipino guy who bangs any girl he sees...

short, muscular, chest of steal.

a great gentlemen, and never mean

Aj is every girls dream guy
commonly used when girl sees a hot guy...

"wow look at the Aj."
"I wish i can be an Aj."
by Aj! whoo July 11, 2008
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A really cool guy that always try’s to make very thing ok and he is always trying to make ppl happy when there sad or upset but what they don’t no is he is not happy himself he is in a really sad life and is Nvr really happy he gives advice to ppl but he Nvr takes his own advice he has Nvr been happy he always fakes his feeling the aj you meet in public is completely different from aj when he’s by himself but he is kinda cute and a lil chubby but he always try and make ppl laugh
Is aj ok yea he said he’s fine
by Aj yeet master July 16, 2019
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Aj is the most handsome man ever he is shy around his girlfriends he can be a freak In sheets he is amazing at basketball and gets any girls he has hoes and can be very flirty
Look at aj he’s hot asf
by Haha hoe January 29, 2018
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