Kori is a beautiful,creative,funny girl who is awesome, but dont get her twisted she will cut you if u mess with her family or friends. She is the best friend you could ever have but doesn't take shit from anyone.
Damn is that a kori i see? Shes fiesty
by Litt.kk October 1, 2016
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Kori is a one of a kind, he doesn’t give up easily and always is lookin fine as shit even doe he don’t wanna admit it, his smile is contagious and he always can make yo whole day complete jus by talking with him, don’t ever take him for granted because like I said he’s one of a kind, no one else is finna be as caring and as loving as him, hes the perfect boyfriend, he checks off all the box’s, he won’t let you down and he knows how to joke around and not always be serious, he makes you feel loved and cared for, he’s loyal as hell so don’t worry bout no side hoes, hes hella short but the finest boy you finna see, kori isn’t like them other boys like Robert and billy, he beyond yo expectations, he’s da best thing that’s finna happen to you period .
Damnn whos rhat short fine ass boy
Oh damn dats Kori
by yololiza March 21, 2020
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She's Not a Penis!

Shes a gorgeous outstanding woman, that can sometimes be an air head.
She has a lot of love to give when you accept her into your life. Though boys be warned she doesn't notice when the males are interested, though her love is innocent and pure
Her humor is different but will leave you laughing til you cant breath.
Sometimes she can be scary but shes a push over especially if you make her laugh.
She's super artistic and loves to doodle inside Jokes.

Everyone needs a Kori
I wanna draw like Kori.
by RainbowNoodle July 25, 2011
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The Japanese word for ice,
Go see the Obihiro Kori Festival in Hokkaido!
by Melon Fellow July 16, 2009
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1. One sexy ass mothafucka. Usually with beautiful blue eyes and long eyelashes, dark hair (usually pretty long). Fun sized (not short). Happens to say grand. quite frequently.

WARNING: you will fall in love.

2. My big black nuts.
1. Oh man check out that fine piece o' ass, she HAS to be a Kori.

2. Suck. On my Koris.
by asianboiiiii July 20, 2010
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Kori is a beautiful woman that is usually good at sports she is every mans dream she’s short but can handle her own problems blonde hair that glows like the sunlight and she is very smart
That kori over there looks mighty fine today!

I wanna piece of that kori.
by Click clackity September 25, 2019
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pervert, one that knows many dirty words,
Kori taught me what the 3fs ment today
by Dont mess with me STUPID December 10, 2010
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