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The Perfect girl you can ever find, She is faithful andshe is devoted. She gets confused sometimes on love and who to love but she will always come back to you. She will Always love you and will wait a whole eternity if you were in a coma. She is beautiful and sexy and has beautiful eyes. She is everything a Man can wish for. Her personality is as wonderful as her body. Once you leave her you will know you made a mistake. So treasure her always ;D
Man 1: "did you see that hot chick walk by?"
Man 2: "Yeah, I talked to her before, she is in love with a man in a coma who has been in it for 5 years"

Man 1: "talk about some devotion"
Man 2: "shes definatley an Aislynn"
by JCMercado March 04, 2011
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a girl who still hasn't had their first kiss and will be waiting until college to finally get one
she hasn't has her first kiss yet, such an aislynn.....
by jacobbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb October 19, 2017
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Aislynn is someone who is probably crazy but does not know it.
Girl: Did you hear what happened?
Guy: Nope.
Girl: Somebody ran over a grandma yesterday!
Guy: WTF! What an Aislynn!
Murderer Grandma-Killer Crazy
by TGSS June 25, 2016
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Aislynn is a fine ass girl. She mad short but hella thicc. She gets a lot of guys, which you would expect. She has a super great best friend and her name is Serena. They argue a lot but always got eachother’s backs. Aislynn is not afraid to come for you or defend her or her friends,, but she wont waste her time on someone who’s irrelevant. She does not mess around and doesnt have any time to soare for no boy bullshit. She is amazing and probably way too good for you. mwah!
Guy 1: Yo yo yooo, who’s that fine lil shawty over there?

Guy 2: Oh, thats Aislynn!
by serenac1026 March 18, 2019
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Aislynn is a vsco girl mixed with a clown and a crackhead. IFf YIU get into a fight with them they will talk about you when your not around! So beware of these peasants and be careful!
“Zaylee is mad at me” Aislynn said
Me to my bestie, Peyton,” Their talking about me over there
by Zaylee the clown November 06, 2019
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