1. The branch of the military that everyone wishes they had joined instead of (insert other branches here).
2. The most destructive fighting force on the face of the planet. (You won't see a marine dropping a nuke).
3. The branch of the U.S. Armed Forces with the finest looking women in all of the DoD. >_O
4. The only branch of the U.S. Armed Forces with a future in space.
Air Force Red Berrets (Combat Control Technicians) are more hardcore than the Seals, Delta Force, Rangers, any Marine, and their purpose is to save U.S. servicemen's lives.
by AF Cadet February 15, 2005
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The single-most feared asset of the DoD. The Air Force has single-handedly won wars (Bosnia, Kosovo), ended wars (WW2, Vietnam), and prevented all-out wars (OIF, Desert Storm). No other branch can claim "Dominance" like the USAF. The USAF has not lost an aircraft to enemy counterparts since the 1970's. The US Navy does not have "Water Dominance" nor does the Army have "Land Dominance". However, the USAF has AIR DOMINANCE. We not only deliver Precision Guided Missiles, but we do it better than anyone. We have the best people, the best assets, and the best track record of any branch in the DoD. People are leaving the Army and Navy to join the Air Force. The Air Force is having to kick people out because everyone wants in and there is no more room. Yes, we may have A/C in our tents. So what? Do not tell me that you would prefer your tent to be 130 degrees as opposed to a nice cool 73. Never forget who softened up the Iraqi Republican Guard. Never forget who enticed the surrender of the Iraqi Army before the war even started. And, never forget who you call when you are in trouble. AIR POWER!
*Insert other branch here* Troop: Man, I wish I had a A/C unit in MY tent!

*Insert other branch here* Troop: Shit! Enemy contact! Call for Close Air Support!

*Insert other branch here* Troop: I should have joined the Air Force instead of the *insert other branch here again
by Airforcestud June 27, 2007
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Underappreciated but valuable branch of the military. Can also destroy the known world when properly outfitted (ie: nukes).
Britain ruled the seas, but America owns the skies.
by CaptainMarvel February 27, 2004
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The U.S.branch of service that is responsible for delivering our nuclear weapons, therefore the most powerful fucking military unit that has ever existed in the world. What's unique about the Air Force is that it is the only military unit in which the officers do all the fighting, while the enlisted men sit back and deliver toilet paper or type up memos ordering officers to their death.
I'm an enlisted man in the Air Force. I'm a little non-combatant twat.
by The Dodger October 12, 2004
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The most powerful and respectable service in the DoD. Often under-appreciated. Someone starts a war and the Air Force are in there before anyone else even knows what's going on. Most powerful because they can drop nukes. You won't see any Marine taking out an entire city in a few seconds. Higher fitness standards than the Navy and Army (have you seen their Basic Training recently?!) and equal to Marines. The Air Force spends more on it's airmen and women each year than any other service, boosting morale and making it more respectable. Each airman and woman is trained to the highest standard, so that they are able to operate and maintain the world's most expensive aircraft and some of the USA's most expensive equipment. The Air Force takes a casual approach to things, and still manages to get the job done better than any sailor, soldier, or Marine. Any pilot in the USAF could fly from the US to Iraq in the morning and make it back before you'd even know they were gone. Contrary to popular opinion among the rest of the services, the Air Force is not a bunch of lazy faggots who sit behind desks pushing pencils. Anytime you're in deep shit, call in the Air Force and have them drop a thousand pounder before you even have time to load your pussy assault rifle. Anyone who thinks the Air Force isn't tough is obviously an asshole because they don't know how hard each airman and woman works. They're fucking awesome. Plus they got the hottest chicks in the services ;)

*loud screeching sound, followed by a huge explosion and a glimpse of an F-16*

Face it, the air force is frickin' awesome.
by USAF_falcon January 08, 2011
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The most feared and most respected branch of the Armed Forces of the United States.

Contains enlistees smart enough to repair the most expensive equipment in the entire US inventory, strong enough to KO one of those Army guys (have you seen their basic training lately?) with enough restraint to not rape any schoolgirls of another nation like the Marines and Sailors.

Underrated physically, even though their PT standards are more rigorous than the Army and Navy's, on par with the Marines, and despite the fact that as far as boxing goes, the AF has been shitting the best fighters for the past two decades (Marine Corps Martial Arts? Lol. Whatever.).

The only branch of the Armed Forces of the United States whose personnel contribute to the 40+yr DOMINATION of their domain; the skies. And they have done so without the help of allies. No million-soldier/marine invasions on some beach. No waterbattles resulting in the loss of a million ships. No battle losses at all. When was the last time you heard of the Army or Marine Corps dominating the land? Or the Navy dominating the sea? Never.

Owners of the greatest aircraft ever invented. The only branch able to kill you two times before you even know that you're at war.

The best there ever was, whose pilots are better and smarter than those psuedopilot wannabes of the other branches who are just mad because they didn't have what it took to cut it in the Academy. Fags.

Hated on by all these other branches that would like to think that they can win wars without them, like this is the fuckin' 18th century, and we still march in columns and then shoot at each other.

The most respected branch by our citizens, because of our intelligence, power, and capability.
"The Air Force is useless. What is that? A tank up there?? Oh god! A flight of enemy aircraft? Quick! Call the Air Force!!"
by The Airman March 16, 2008
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The Air Force's mission is to fly, fight, and win, and have been doing so since 1947. While only 4% of the Air Force are piolots, it takes a lot more people than you'd think to get those planes off the ground.

An equal force in the DoD. Given the chance Air Force personel could and are playing an effective role on the frontline, having assumed the responsibility of convoy guards.

The branch with the best food, living conditions, education, post-military opportunities, and women.
The Air Force spend almost 100 times more money on education of it's troops that the Marines, Army, and Navy put together.

by Flying Tiger July 13, 2007
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