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1. Title commensurate of an E-2 in the US Air Force

2. General classification of an enlisted US Air Force servicemember with a paygrade of E-1 thru E-4

3. Any member of the US Air Force
1. He finally got promoted from Airman Basic to Airman.
2. "Just get one of the airmen to do it."
3. "We are all airmen."
by Marcus Thomas December 02, 2006
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a member of the air force.

also anyone in the air force rank E1 (Airman Basic) E2 (Airman) E3 (Airman First Class) or E4 (Senior Airman)
All airmen are supposed to be riflemen, but most dont know a gun from an asshole

"I heard Sergeant Jones got busted for DWI at the gate. did he get kicked out?"
"No. they just dropped him down to Airman."
by Clark1985 on myspace September 03, 2006
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Air-Man is someone who is bare bad and ghetto. He is down for the cause and repz for da manner.
Person 1: Oi wot apend ere, everyones bin banged up
Person 2: Yehh bruce, was air-man dat dun it init.
Person 1: Damn man, dat boy rolls deep on da regz
by Annonymous Breh November 23, 2007
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a really good smelling man with no arms who lurks in the darkness.
"Lurking in the darkness, i become airman!"

by Snap Crap Majap May 15, 2006
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