gay men, but mostly women who complain about there air conditioners are to cold and heaters are to hot. or when there maid dont clean there "dorms", or when their ovens dont get hot enough to cook their veil everynight. A.K.A douche bags. (militarys version of Paris Hilton)
when a child asked his/her parents for a action figure the parent responds with "you will get it when you become an airmen"

or "stop acting like an airmen douche
by shurts May 6, 2008
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A sex act that involves banging to near completion on the bottom mattress of a bunk bed and, just before climax, climbing to the top bunk to drop a poop on the unsuspecting partner below who may (or may not) be "finishing the job" on themselves.
Dude 1: "Did you hear that Andy brought that cute bartender home last night and banged the shit out of her?"

Dude 2: "Yeah... He gave her 'The Tuskegee Airmen' and she completely freaked out!"

Dude 1: "I told him not to eat that burrito with the corn salsa..."
by Mopper January 2, 2011
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A term used in the airforce(especially combat/battlefield airmen) to describe non-special forces airmen who are pussies.
That care-bear airman can only do 30 pushups.... I can do 70.
Care-bear airmen aint got shit on us PJ's.
by pappypanda January 24, 2013
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