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Air Strike

1. Internet terminology.
One step up from man the harpoons.
Used when a fat chick (usually referred to as a whale) posts her picture.
If the woman is large enough, one can step the strike up to a new level: Nuclear Strike, MOAB, FOAB or other Thermobaric weapon.
Also has part of it's meaning shared with the military definition.
If you believe you are funny enough, you may apply the term in real life where you may see many fat chicks or in other real life situations.

2. Military terminology
A military strike delivered by the Air Force.
Target is usually a suspected or confirmed enemy ground position.
Or in the case of definition 1. A fat chick too large for the harpoons.
Delivery of the strike is usually from aircraft such as bombers, ground attack aircraft, strike fighters or helicopters.
Weapons used during a strike can range from machine gun fire to missiles to bombs.
Air Strikes are sometimes initiated in strategic bombings, but the term generally refers to tactical intervention by airpower on the battlefield.
If necessary (eg: degree of military situation or the woman in definition 1. is exceedingly obese) an Air Strike can be followed up by an artillery, infantry or armour assault.

A: Whoa! Get a load of that fucking whale man!!!1
A: Screw the harpoons dawg, I'm calling in an Air Strike
B: Good call mang, that B2 Spirit will make short work of that fat bitch!

e.g 1. As in Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

USAF Master Sergeant Epps: I hope those F-14's got good aim...
Major Lennox: ...why?
USAF Master Sergeant Epps: I told them to hit the orange smoke...

Lennox proceeds to facepalm upon realizing they are virtually stood on the orange smoke as Epps makes an excuse about it being a bad throw, when in reality he throws like a girl.

e.g 2.
Operator: Enemy position verified
Field Marshal: Call in the A-10's, it's time to light em up
by rzhhhh August 25, 2009
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A booty call, esp. as a last-ditch act of desperation after striking out at the bars.
Joe: How'd you make out at Skanky McStrange's last night?
Mike: I got drunk and had no game, so I went home and called in an airstrike.

Jerry: I just called up Jess, she's going to meet me at the bar at 10.
Jim: Damn dude! You called in an airstrike before you fired the first shot.
by Chaos2 August 04, 2008
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Slang terminology for when a someone fills all ten contact spots for a text message with the same person, so the message is received ten times over by that person. Then the sender often sends the whole message again, resulting by the end hundreds of repeat messages on someone's phone. If the recipient's phone is on vibrate it is even more obnoxious.
"My phone won't stopped buzzing, Brian air striked me!"
by xenophiatic April 11, 2010
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The act of Person A ejaculating onto Person B from an aerial position
Marcus performed an Air Strike by leaping high into the air and releasing his load upon the unsuspecting boy's face.
by Psychic Octopus June 20, 2011
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Is a late night, fast, hard, sexaul encounter in which the airstiker hits the target & then swoops up out of there. No expectations of an overnight stay or any real type of romance. The airstriker has a clear objective of destroying the target in an urgent & purposeful manner. A perfectly executed Airstrike should astonish the airstrikee and alow the pilot a clean, drama free, escape.
Dude, she keeps blowing up my phone looking for a booty call, but I do not have time for the drama that crazy girl brings to the table. I think I'll go over extra late and give her an Airstrike, that is really all she wants, me too. I'm going to swoop in. drop my payload, and pull up out of there.
by SCQTT February 04, 2013
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