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Nuclear Strike

1. A video game in a series called the "Strike Series".
It started with Desert Strike, created by a man with a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, how ironic...
In Nuclear Strike an ex-CIA operative has stolen a Nuclear Warhead, it is up to you to find him and the Warhead.
This was a Sony Playstation game released in 1997.

2. One step up from Air Strike, and two up from man the harpoons.
Can be considered on the same level as dropping a MOAB or FOAB
In the event that a whale has survived an Air Strike, one may contact the President who acts also as the Commander-in-chief (as of this point it is Obama) and request that he deliver The Football.
If a whale is spotted in the United Kingdom then the Queen or Prime Minister may be contacted.
A Nuclear Strike should vaporize the whale.
If the whale continues to live even after this form of strike, you should get down on your knees and beg God for mercy, while demanding to know why he created such a creature.
You should also pray that it does not try to mount and have sex with you, as you WILL be crushed to death.
1. Strike Series:

A looking through a pair of binoculars, observing the destruction left by the Air Strike.

A: Sweet Raptor Jesus!
B: What is it?!
A: That whale survived the Air Strike!
B: WHAT?! Our B-2 Spirit carpet bomb failed? Call the President, and may God have mercy on our souls.

A picks up the phone and dials the Presidents number

Automated Message: You've reached the White House.
To congratulate the President on his hard work, press 1.
To congratulate the President on his hard work, press 2.
To congratulate the President on his hard work, press 3.
To request Nuclear Launch Codes, press 4.
For all other enquiries, please hold.

A presses 3, phone rings.

Obama: Hello?
A: Mr. President, we have a slight situation here
Obama: What is the problem, may I ask?
A: We have a whale who survived an Air Strike... We need The Football, pronto
Obama: Dayum nugga! I'll have it sent over immediately, and my God have mercy on our souls.
A: I've heard that before... Thank you Mr. President, you have a nice day now.

hangs up.
the tale of the whale is tbc

Note: Women are not allowed to use Air Strike and Nuclear Strike as seen in definition 2. As they take the form of blow stuff up.
It is also not possible for a woman to "man the harpoons", she must woman the harpoons, and no such thing exists yet.
by rzhhhh August 25, 2009
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