A highly addictive game that is responsible for countless children and adults ditching their friends and living at their computers. Also known as ET
Friend: Hey you wanna go see a movie today?

ETPLAYER: Are you crazy? I have to get back to my sweet ET.... My Preciousssssssss
by Ajpotter April 27, 2004
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An exciting WWII based first person shooter. Creative and unique, this game is offered free of charge.
I played Enemy Territory today and enjoyed panzerfausting people as they whined and whined.
by b33f February 26, 2004
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Da best game online. Counte stike u suck. a new game is in town. Panzers are for newbs. but its fun cuz u don't need 2 aim. flamer da samething. highly addictive. the ranks are as follows:
Private 1st Class
Brigider General
General Major
Genreal Leutinant
by AmerIkaZ's NigHtMarE November 9, 2004
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A fuck up the ass to either a guy or a girl
"Yo ass got popped in yo' enemy territory"
"That fuckin' skank got her enemy territory popped"
by Skanks are Eww (Like Therese) February 15, 2006
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