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a Fun-loving, intellectual individual. He is mostly an introvert but has some very extroverted moments. Aiden's are known for having a good sense of humor, but not knowing when to use it. Aiden is a very smart and kind person who always puts others before themselves. If you need a good friend, look for an Aiden. Not Aidan or Ayden though, those guys are dicks.
Aiden is so funny!
Aiden is so smart!
by NKpel January 08, 2018
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Tessa: not to much! hbu?
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Rachel: stop double texting me.
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Aiden's are great guys with amazing personalities they're trust worthy and some of the kindest people ever! They're kind of awkward but it's a cute kind of awkward that you'll love and get used to. They're loyal, smart, caring, and amazing people. If you ever become friends with or date an Aiden, never let them go
Girl 1: Oh my god I stayed all night talking to Aiden! It was so amazing and it was so easy to talk to him.
Girl 2: He sound's so sweet, I wish I was friends with him.
by PIELEE August 12, 2016
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Aiden is a person who loves history He gets bullied a lot so he thinks badly of himself but he’s actually funny, smart, and kind he also loves reading and science he’s easily hurt by words and very sensitive he also blames himself when a friend is sad and for other reasons to he thinks no one will ever like Him he also likes art Aiden is not very athletic but is very smart
Is that Aiden look how good he is at history.
by History lover 08 November 16, 2019
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A fully sick lad that can quick scope and crossmap like a beast
Wow look at him he is such an Aiden
by Afullysicklad May 28, 2016
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An Aiden is typically a male who, despite his quiet and inherently introverted nature, is very caring and lovable. His tendencies and behaviors include making entertaining and occasionally provocative meme references, compulsively exercising ‘just because’ and being generally quirky and absent minded. His only downfall is his love of android devices. Aiden’s emotional depth is unparalleled in the male species. Despite his considerate and charming disposition, he has the habit of accidentally leading on his multitude of “lady friends”, who pine over him with a deep and unrequited love.
Mate 1: “Oi Aiden, why are those chicks looking at you and giggling like that?”
Aiden: “Oh I don’t know, they’re just my friends”
Mate 2, whispering to Mate 1: “Damn, seems like they wanna be more than friends though”
by RPVlogs September 28, 2017
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Aiden’s are the kind of person who when you loose them you will never get over them so if you have an Aiden keep them close to your heart and make effort so they don’t loose feelings for you aidens tend to hide their feelings when they really like someone they won’t tell the person but they will tell their friends. Aidens are probably the most funniest person you would ever meet they have a great sence of humour and have the most handsome big blue eyes where you can fall into and can’t seem to get out of.they are the most attractive people ever and you can’t get over how much u love them. They care about their friends so much and their family they are a dream boyfriend. They are strong and could protect u from anything. They make u feel safe when your near them. You always want to go where they go and aidens are like a drug they r addicting.
I love Aiden
by Hi.erin June 16, 2019
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