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People named Aida are special people. Aidas are truly amazing once you get to know them. If it turns out one of them is your girlfriend, you happen to be in luck. Aidas are loyal, cute (sometimes can be feisty), and give the best kisses.
Boy 1: Oh shit who's that?
Boy 2: Oh that's my girlfriend Aida.
Boy 1: No way bro, you are so lucky.
by IsopropylBenzene December 15, 2019
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(eye-duh) A girl that's really hot and really smart at the same time. Big exception in today's world. Sought after, and rare.
Guy: dude that girl is such an aida, she is totally out of my league.
Girl: Because you are totally an aida, you are going to get everything you want, I am SO jealous!
by xxinfinity May 31, 2005
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The girl's name Aida \a(i)-da\

is pronounced ah-EE-dah. It is of Arabic/Persian origin, and its meaning is "reward, present". Also possibly from Latin meaning "distinguished; helpful". More likely though a name created for the Ethiopian princess in Giuseppe Verdi's opera Aïda.

Today's meaning however means an extremely intelligent female with the perfectly endless eyes and flowing hair of a goddess. Usually considered "beautiful" or "mad sexy" by the masses, she is an all around keeper.
"You know that skirt over thur?"

"Not really, she's in my Honors Algebra 2 class though.

Because of her I don't know how in the hell to do matrices."

"Well that's cuz' she's Aida."
by Puure February 14, 2010
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In correlaton of making commercials, AIDA means "Attention, Information, Desire, Action".
We have completed 3/4 of the "AIDA-rule", now we must have the "eye catcher" to get attention from the consumer.
by Seizaburo Yamada-san March 31, 2005
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'Artificially Intelligent Data Anomaly'

A Self-Intelligent Piece Of Data Encoded Into 'The World',
A Fictional Online Game.

Pronounced 'Ai-Duh', Or 'Eye-Duh'.
'What Are You? A Hacker? And Epitaph? AIDA?'
by Oakmoss July 27, 2007
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Aida is The Princess which live somewhere in the United states. She is very Beautiful, kind, awesome, super cute, nice, amazing, good, working, hot, kinky, loves to tease. She can make your day easily. Gotta love her.
Its not possible to use word Aida on any other person or object. Word Aida apply only to The princess Aida.
by Concept83 August 30, 2010
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Aidas (name, nickname) or sometimes AidixGaming. But only Ab1tas can call him Dicks... Playstation God Fortnite edition he will rape your mother if you fuck with him in Fortnite!
Aidas is very naughty boy👀👅💦
by CoolAfrica May 06, 2019
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