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usually a brown person, makes friends easily, and has a charm that is immediately available
that ahsen's charm had me from the second we met.
by drrotinaj April 20, 2009
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Is a dude, who looks very very good and have lots of girls around him.

Always being the coolest peep around.

And is dirty rich, and knows how to enjoy life
Hey look at that dude, always being flooded by girls, making all the dudes around him jealous he is such an ahsen!!!
by NESHAIHSWO April 05, 2010
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a guy who drives a toyota and thinks hes so cool in it.

a guy that has lots of girls after him but there all ugly.

a common term used for a guy who thinks hes hard but lives in a rich neighbourhood

"ohhhh hes such an ahsen"

"oh that must be one of ahsens girls"

"yo that girl is checking me out"
by mathew kamalstrom August 23, 2005
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Ahsen is usually a brown boy, who gets alot of hate but is beautiful. He usually has one ball and is greasy.
Aymar: Oh my god there's a creep fingering a dog
Zack: It must be a Ahsen!
by Zack2418 September 13, 2016
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Ahsen is a player and the biggest fuckboy around. He has a strong airing game, and he can air whenever. He IS quite a good friend, until he doesn’t reply to your messages and gives you the worst mixed emotions.
“Stop being so rude and ignoring my calls,”
“Omg yeah you’re pulling an ahsen
by psyeudonym1 April 22, 2018
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