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Literally means "Water" in spanish. But it's a word Latinos use for when cops are spotted.
Some Latinos are doing a dope deal and then someone yells "Agua!" and everyone legs it.
by Ricco Chico April 12, 2008
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Watch Out! Move! Get out of the way!
(Only used in Mexico)

Toma Cuidado! Cuidado! Movete!
(Utilizado solamente en México)
etymology: When a mariachi or other band arrives to serenade a woman, perhaps she is unhappy to receive it, and begins to prepare a shower of kitchen or worse, toilet water. One musician notices and alerts the others, "Aguas!".

etimología: Cuando una banda del mariachi o asi llega para hacer una serenada de una mujer, quizás ella es infeliz recibirlo, y comienza a preparar una ducha del agua de la cocina o peor, de los baños. Un músico avisa y alarma los otros, "Aguas!".
by NickCooper October 19, 2006
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Spanish word for " water ". Could be used to say gestures such as " oh ya !" , " WHADDUP!" or if used in sports " GOOOOOOOAAALL"
Jon- Nice goal Johnson !
Johnson- AGUA !
As Romero enters the party
Romero--> Whats up everyone ! AGUA !
by James Ahearn June 21, 2006
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Means "water" in spanish, but also latinos use it to call crank/crystal meth, "agua"...
Ey got anymore of that "agua"?
by its me and you April 30, 2009
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