Literally means "Water" in spanish. But it's a word Latinos use for when cops are spotted.
Some Latinos are doing a dope deal and then someone yells "Agua!" and everyone legs it.
by Ricco Chico April 12, 2008
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Means "water" in spanish, but also latinos use it to call crank/crystal meth, "agua"...
Ey got anymore of that "agua"?
by its me and you April 30, 2009
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Watch Out! Move! Get out of the way!
(Only used in Mexico)

Toma Cuidado! Cuidado! Movete!
(Utilizado solamente en México)
etymology: When a mariachi or other band arrives to serenade a woman, perhaps she is unhappy to receive it, and begins to prepare a shower of kitchen or worse, toilet water. One musician notices and alerts the others, "Aguas!".

etimología: Cuando una banda del mariachi o asi llega para hacer una serenada de una mujer, quizás ella es infeliz recibirlo, y comienza a preparar una ducha del agua de la cocina o peor, de los baños. Un músico avisa y alarma los otros, "Aguas!".
by NickCooper October 19, 2006
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Aguas, cocho! (be careful, man!)
by ryan August 10, 2003
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1. The Spanish term for water.

2. Telling someone to pay attention or to be on their toes.

The second definition is used by Spanish speakers, mainly the ones who don't come from Spain, as Spaniards speak traditional formal Spanish.

(i.e.) Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Colombia, Equador, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Chile, etc..
Gabriel: Ay! Me casi me caigo!
Esperansa: Aguas, mijo. Si te caes, aqui te pisotearán.


Gabriel: Crap! I almost fell!
Esperansa: Be on our toes, son. If you fall they're gonna trample you.
by EyeAIDS October 27, 2019
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Spanish word for " water ". Could be used to say gestures such as " oh ya !" , " WHADDUP!" or if used in sports " GOOOOOOOAAALL"
Jon- Nice goal Johnson !
Johnson- AGUA !
As Romero enters the party
Romero--> Whats up everyone ! AGUA !
by James Ahearn June 21, 2006
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A local tradition involeing "Agua Moose" and "The Agua Moose Men". False Agua Moose men are oftern shout as the are loud and rude.
Part of a TV Cult Comedy "Dare to Belive"
I have lived in this house all of my life. Everything has a story to tell. This reminds me of the aguamoose. Aguamooooooooooose... moose agua.
by Letum January 22, 2005
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