That moment when you just stubbed your toe to the table
*stubbed toe* AGONY!!!!!!!!
by Idontknow:v November 22, 2015
The pain felt after playing football with leg day DOMS
Don't think I can't live with this agony
by Palm Rambo May 27, 2014
Rasta for Sexual orgasm or sensation of sex
mi and dat gal was in agony lata night ago.
by Miguel April 13, 2004
A one-armed man hanging off a cliff with itchy balls.
Tyler's agony was so intense he passed out.
by Ima Hardigan December 7, 2010
neoagonist queen
“hey there’s Agoni I’d pipe her
“did you see agoni with her agocoin
“Richard please stop making rule34 of agoni it’s incredibly disturbing, you need help please for the sake of our children and our family get yourself some help, you haven’t moved from your computer screen in over a month and we’re all getting worried, you took out all our live savings and invested it in agocoin, what the fuck is agocoin Richard? I am tired of this, I am leaving.”
by sorexknalb July 29, 2020