A term coined by Sherwood Park IB students refering to the end of August when high school schedule changes are to be made. This time is especially agonizing for those taking partial IB because they have to work with both semesterized and de-semesterized classes, making it difficult to fit in all the classes one wants to take.
I can't even try to plan my schedule for next year until August Agony.
I'll figure out my schedule during August Agony.
by procrastination.nation May 27, 2008
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1) Intense misery and suffering, and distress.

2) Insufferable static cling, pinching and bunching (and embarrassment?) wearing this dress.
"Raul's natural insecurity as an illegal alien and his angst in social settings caused him MAD AGONY IN 'DISDRESS' as he suffered through the long chow line at Hobo Park."

"I gotz me MAD AGONY IN 'DISDRESS' because I have some unresolved issues. Maybe you'll like it if it fits you, Raul. Or should I call you Raula?"."
by Chango Bolamongo October 07, 2006
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"...and the only part I remember from that shitty movie was when Dolly said, 'Ever since I've met you, it's been nothin' but brown eyed agony!'"
by Twat Waffle May 02, 2005
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Agonis is the one pretty boy but he will be so angry for anything.He is kind,athletic and him favorite game is football.He is friendly and cuteeee❤️
I need a friend like Agonis
by Prettyyyyyy October 10, 2021
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Person 1: " Hey bro, can u come help me? "
Person 2: "No, I'm experiencing the agony of stepping on Lego."
by StevenUniverseMoonstone May 29, 2020
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