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Synonym of: redneck, hillbilly, sketch farmer type of person.

The male lumbajoe is often portrayed by wearing out of style skater poser like clothes. Brands like vans, volcom and quicksilver is often preferred amongst the lumbajoe community. The male lumbajoe often walks like they’re carrying a baby. The trucker hat and a missing tooth is often a key staple of their personality.

The female lumbajoe will be frequently seen wearing out of style shirts often ornamented with payettes, fringe and cliché writing. More times than none, Those out-of-style shirts will be showing a disgusting amount of cleavage. Their flubber or flab of skin hanging off the side flank of their trunks, will often be hanging off the sides of their pants to appear like in a muffin like shape. Their hair is often dyed so terribly that it’ll make you want to take both of your eyes off their sockets. Below their disturbingly short crop lumbajoes will often hide their shameful tramps stamps which will often take the shape of a butterfly or other embarrassing prostitute like staples.

Beware the lumbajoe will often surprise you with sentences like:

“What? You think you’re better than me?”
“Bro I have no more juice in my vape, don’t try me!”
“You were able to see all of summer cheap hair extensions on her head yesterday. What a lumbajoe

“Yesterday, this guy in a WRX honked at me on the road. I’m pretty sure his pregnant sister was having a baby in the car. Argh! Such lumbajoes!”
by Genevive Simpson October 04, 2020
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