A word invented by Tourney Paintballers to describe something being awesome. Sometimes used as Agro/Aggro
DUDE!!! Did you see his move down the field? It was AGG!
by Noshy August 07, 2008
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Agge - Someone who likes experimenting with different things to masturbate with.
-Eww, I just caught my boyfriend masturbaiting with a pancake!
-Lol, that sounds like a Agge to me!

-Darling! I just walked in on our son sticking his penis into an apple, what should we do!?
-Ha Ha Ha, Don't worry Honey he's just hitting puberty. Being a Agge is totally normal at this age!
by Littlekidlover69 February 11, 2015
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A paintball term believed to be started by the team/group Hostile Kids (starters of HK army). Refers to being cool, in an unexplainable agg way. Agg isnt cool agg is agg. It is cooler than cool. They way you play can boost your agg status aswell. ex. your stance, composure and the way you shoot.
bandanas are agg. so are sandanas. camo accesories. more information about agg and being agg and the HK army. www.pbnation.com
by Pat Carroll February 28, 2005
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Asian Gamer Girl
The most precious possible resource on Earth, the target of the infinite horniness of ten billion gamer boys.
"Hey, you hear that Brandon was hitting on some freshies?"
"Yeah, he's a total NAF. They're all aggs too."
by Drangus69 October 02, 2019
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"cool" or maybe something in style, usually referring to paintball players, in which use the word to describe things. Sometimes it is associate with the Hostile Kidz "HK army" members who tend to use the word alot.
That WAS/ACE'd Speed is so agg.
by Tilterskilter, biatch July 23, 2004
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